Podcast 41 – Freedom To Be
March 12, 2021

painting of two women sitting down

We’re exploring the theme of freedom in this week’s In the Convo, with artist Terri Broughton.

Terri only started to describe herself as an artist 3-years ago. She was haunted by the feeling of being a fraud. She never felt she had the right to be called an artist, even though she (as a teacher) was instrumental in some inspiring art projects in schools that were adopted by the curriculum. It’s likely that her experiences as a child (she was orphaned and then abused by her carers) haunted her for much of her adult life.

A couple of years ago Terri picked up a paint-brush and felt an incredible freedom of expression through painting.

The judgemental feeling of being a fraud has disappeared and she now feels free to ‘play’ and to ‘just be’.

The painting above is called ‘There Is No Place Like Home’. This painting represents the transition between the old Terri and the new, grounded Terri that dances with life.

In this interview we explore:

  • The difference between being and doing
  • Seeing beyond the fear of being a fraud
  • The freedom of creativity and ‘play’

Terri Broughton sketching

You can find out more about Terri and her art work at her website Terribroughtonart.co.uk