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Discovering your Inner Compass

Set Yourself Free - Recording

In this FREE 20-minute audio recording, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your Inner Compass. If you are seeking settled-clarity and peace of mind, then this is the first step for you on your journey. It’s completely free.

Moving On From Stress - Self Study

(8-12 minute daily audio package)

This 7-day audio exploration will help you deepen your understanding of your Inner Compass. It’s a perfect way to develop your foundation and sustain you on the journey back home to your true nature.

Wellbeing Listener Introduction Webinar

Join our 2-hour introduction workshop and move beyond anxiety and stress. Get in touch with your Inner Compass and discover the first steps to becoming a Wellbeing Listener in your community…
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As we navigate through the strange times with Covid-19 – it’s likely that mental anxiety and stress might escalate.

Many people find themselves caught up in excessive, busy thinking and worrying about what might happen in the future. People don’t realise that they have an Inner Compass that will support them in their day-to-day lives.

In the Wellbeing Listener Introduction Webinar you’ll learn about the Inner Compass, which is one of the most overlooked natural guidance systems pointing us towards clarity and wellbeing. When people reconnect to their Inner Compass they discover the freedom of living.

We all have an Inner Compass – but the Inner Compass is often overlooked; we don’t understand how it works.

On this Wellbeing Listener Introduction workshop we will help you to get back in touch with your Inner Compass. This workshop will enable you to:

  • Discover your in-built peace of mind
  • Understand a deeper sense of your own resilience and wellbeing
  • Learn about the transient nature of moods and thoughts

The Introduction webinar is designed to focus on discovering how your own psychological system works. When you start to get in touch with your own wellbeing you will naturally start to support those around you. This programme is ideal for anyone working with young people or in the following areas:

  • Charity workers
  • Educators
  • Coaches
  • Leaders
  • Health Service
  • Public Services

Costs: This Webinar is free for people in the Ivybridge area – others can attend through a donation

Wellbeing Listener Programme

6-week training to develop resilience in your workplace, community or business… 

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Many people experience low self-esteem and isolation because they don’t feel heard. The Wellbeing Listener Programme shows you how listening for wellbeing can ignite the natural wellbeing in others. This training programme is a simple way to re-invigorate your family, community and/or workplace colleagues.

The Wellbeing Listener Programme is inspired by an Asset-Based Community Development Approach. Participants will explore their own mental-health ‘assets’ (their innate wellbeing, creativity and resilience) and will then, through deep listening, discover how to wake up the wellbeing, creativity and resilience in others.

This programme is ideal for you if you would like to learn the following:

  • Discover how to listen out for wellbeing and to see through the excessive, noisy thinking that can bring people down
  • Support others to feel more connected to their true selves, their lives and their work
  • Explore the power of listening to develop more meaningful relationships with the people around you
  • Develop the foundations for sustainable community listening

The Wellbeing Listener Programme is a stand-alone programme that focuses on mental health and the promotion of self-care and wellbeing in our communities.

We are looking for Wellbeing Listeners that are inspired to reach out and support others and to help people get back in touch with their natural wellbeing. It is a perfect fit to support the 40% of patients who visit their GP with socially based rather than medical problems.

The Wellbeing Listener Programme enables participants to gain insights into the true source of their wellbeing. As a Wellbeing Listener you will see how resilience is an in-built part of the human psychological system.

You don’t need to chase wellbeing or ‘do’ things to access wellbeing.

You will discover how your Inner Compass points you back towards wellbeing. When you are in touch with your own wellbeing it is easy to help others get in touch with their wellbeing too. Listening is the best catalyst to support others access innate wellbeing.

This programme is ideal for:

  • Charity workers
  • Social Prescribers
  • Community Connectors
  • Community Builders
  • Educators
  • Coaches
  • Leaders
  • Health Service
  • Public Services

The Wellbeing Listener – 6 weeks

  • 2-day training: In a supportive group you’ll discover the key attributes of a Wellbeing Listener. Our experienced trainers create a safe space for exploration, curiosity and fun.
  • 2 mentoring calls (1:1 calls with your own mentor): You’ll be assigned your own experienced mentor who will provide you with the opportunity to talk about your learning and to explore any areas that are sticking points for you.
  • 1 webinar (online): An online opportunity to reconnect and ask questions.
  • Half day training: During this final half day you will consolidate your learning and start planning how you might listen for wellbeing in your community.
  • Online access to further interviews and articles: We provide a wealth of online videos, podcasts and articles to support you during the 6-weeks.

£375 per person (minimum of 8 people per programme)

The Inner Compass Introduction Workshop is a pre-requisite to this programme. Please contact us for further information

Inner Compass Coaching 1:1

Bespoke Coaching support over a 3, 6 or 12 month period. Discover the joy of leading your life and leading others from a space of clarity and inspiration…
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This coaching support is tailored to suit you at whatever pace you prefer to work. What would it be like to be free of the noise of excessive thinking, overwhelm or worry? What difference would it make to live your life with clarity and a sense of settled grounded certainty?

Liz Scott and Stu Newberry have worked extensively with leaders and individuals over the past 10 years. They provide a bespoke coaching package that will suit your lifestyle and budget.

They will support you to:

  • Discover your True Self: Learn the difference between the ‘separate self’ (which is always busy and on the go with nervous energy) and the calm, centred ‘True Self’
  • Enhance your relationships: Whether this is with work colleagues, families or friends you will discover a richness of connection that supports you
  • Tap into your in-built resilience and wellbeing: Discover the source of wellbeing and resilience that you often overlook and forget is present
  • Fulfillment: Live a life that feels fulfilling and nourishing. This is about you thriving
    Leadership: Start to lead your life and lead others using your Inner Compass as a guide. Start to reclaim your intuitive, deeper wisdom in your life.
  • Leadership

The coaching package will include some/all of the following. This will depend on your level of investment and requirements.

  • Face-to-face ‘deep dive’: Spend 1 or 2 days in a relaxing environment and discover the natural wisdom that emerges from deep listening
  • Phone/Zoom calls: Follow up calls from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours and/or further face-to-face conversations
  • Resources: Hand selected videos, podcasts and articles to support your journey

This is a bespoke programme that we co-design with you around your time commitments and needs:

  • 3 months – £1,725
  • 6 months – £2,500
  • 12 months – £3,500

(VAT is not charged on these prices)

Accommodation and Travel costs are in addition to the above prices.

Sharing the Inner Compass with others

Find Your Voice - FREE audio recording

Do you want to share the Inside-Out understanding? In this 20-minute audio recording, you’ll start to see the importance of finding your own voice when sharing the Inner Compass with others.

Inner Compass Facilitator

Bespoke mentoring and coaching support to start your journey as an Inner Compass Facilitator…
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This coaching and mentoring programme gives you a unique opportunity to develop as an Inner Compass Facilitator, working alongside Stu Newberry and Liz Scott. This programme is founded on the Inside-Out understanding.

Each programme is bespoke and will support you as you share the Inner Compass work with others. Liz and/or Stu will provide you with behind-the-scenes access to their training preparation – you can shadow them as they provide training and learn how and why they deliver and share their materials in the way they do.

The ultimate aim is that you will deliver your own workshop as an Inner Compass Facilitator. Liz and/or Stu will stand by you and support you as you share with others. The programme is flexible and is designed to enable you to find your own voice when you share with others. This might be in groups or in one-to-one situations.

You will be encouraged to run a workshop or event as part of this mentoring relationship – or you might run something in your community or workplace.

During this programme you will:

  • Develop your grounding: The foundation for an inspiring facilitator is that they first have a grounded understanding of the Inner Compass (aka Inside-Out understanding)
  • Find your voice: You will be encouraged to find your voice through creating articles, blogging, videos and/or podcasts to share your insights about the Inner Compass
  • Shadowing Training: This is a unique opportunity to sit in on training days and to see what goes on behind the scenes in preparation and follow-up. Liz and Stu will be on hand to answer your questions and queries
  • 1:1 mentoring/coaching: Liz and/or Stu will support you with individual and personal coaching and mentoring as you develop your own voice and style of delivery
  • Participate in a retreat: The cost of the retreat will be in addition to the training – but you will have the opportunity to discover how retreats are run and how they are facilitated (subject to availability)
  • Support to design your own workshop: Liz and/or Stu will be on hand to support you in the design and (if it is in reasonable distance) to support you with the delivery of a workshop or programme
  • Online support: You will have continuous online support during the course of the programme pointing you to podcasts, videos and articles and enabling you to interact with Liz and Stu for the course of the programme through an online platform

This 6-month programme costs £2,750

Accommodation and travel costs are in addition to the above price.

Coaching for Leaders Programme

The Coaching for Leaders Programme has a rich blend of training, executive coaching and online support. It is designed to develop you as a leader in the area of wellbeing, both for yourself and others…
More information

The Wellbeing Leader Coaching programme has a rich blend of training, executive coaching and online training support and is designed to build and develop you as a leader. The emphasis is understanding your inner compass and wellbeing; in other words this is about putting equal emphasis on looking after yourself as well as looking after others.

“This leadership coaching programme is probably the one piece of training I’ve done that’s had the biggest influence in developing me as a leader and in helping me to develop others as future leaders.”

Lucy Wandless, Executive Head Teacher, Southerly Point, Cornwall

What’s involved?

Over an academic year participants will:

  • Attend a total of 6 live training events (2 full days and 4 half days)
  • Complete online modules and additional learning (about 9 hrs in total)
  • Work in coaching triads both as coach and coachee (about 3hrs in total)
  • Undertake executive Leadership Coaching (about 4 hours of commitment)
  • Reading and research (5 hrs in total)
  • Reflective journal of coaching (3 hrs total)

Participants would be expected to commit to the entire programme and to complete the appropriate work/practice in between sessions. Here is a breakdown of the learning outcomes.

Day 1: Full Day: Coaching for wellbeing

  • Identify the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Explore the Inner Diamond of wellbeing
  • Rediscover your overlooked Inner Compass
  • Understand and experience deep listening

Day 2: Half Day: Developing wellbeing in leadership

  • Identify core areas of leadership and personal impact
  • Explore limiting beliefs and the power of ‘thought’
  • Introduction to the thought/feeling connection

Day 3: Half Day: The role of resilience and stress

  • What is stress? Identify the role of thought in creating personal stress
  • Wellbeing and personal reflection – being at your best
  • Identify leadership priorities

Day 4: Half Day: Exploring impact on teams

  • Present the results from an informal 360-degree feedback
  • Separate realities – understand how we all see the world differently

Day 5: Half Day: Developing teams through coaching

  • Utilise the ‘Time to Think’ technique in meetings/groups
  • Understand ‘fresh thinking’ to encourage team development
  • Tapping into the inherent wisdom and resilience in teams

Day 6: Full Day: Devising an Inner Compass Coaching Culture

  • Identify a plan to develop a coaching culture
  • Understand the power of coaching in performance management/reviews
  • Informal assessment of coaching skills
  • Review of coaching development and next steps


The Coaching for Leaders Programme provides yearlong development and support for leaders. With a blend of learning, executive coaching, reflection, as well as developing your own coaching practice, this programme has been described as ‘transformational’.

The trainers will be on hand in-between the training days to provide additional support.

Costs: £1995 per person (minimum 8 people)

Venue, accommodation and travel will be in addition to this cost

Upcoming Events

Event Information:

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    Is it possible to stop the whirring, noise of over-thinking? At this retreat you'll discover the delicious peace-of-mind that is available to us all, regardless of the busy thinking we get up to. Relax in the beautiful Belfield House. Email Caroline Brewer for more information on costs - Liberate Your Thinking flyer

Coaching Packages

Our coaching packages are designed to support individuals, leaders and facilitators with help and guidance that is tailored to your needs and situation. We provide a space for you to reflect and to recognise your own Inner Compass. Our philosophy is to point you back to your own deeper, intuitive wisdom so you can find your way through life with more ease.

Our coaching packages include:

Personal Coaching:

This is a great way to discover your in-built wellbeing and resilience. The Inner Compass Coaching 1:1 package will help you to move through stress and to reconnect with resilience. This mix of face-to-face interaction, phone calls and online support ensures a flexible fit for you and your life.

Leadership Coaching:

Effective leaders operate from a space of grounded clarity and wellbeing. Our Coaching for Leaders Programme is a great support if you are keen to understand the interaction between coaching, leadership and wellbeing. This bespoke coaching programme will be tailored to suit your organisation or business needs.

Inner Compass Facilitation Coaching:

If you’d like to become an Inner Compass facilitator then our Inner Compass Facilitator Programme will be a great fit. We provide a mix of mentoring, coaching, a chance to shadow training and an opportunity to be supported as you take your first steps as an Inner Compass Facilitator.

Discover how the Inner Compass can guide you


Explore our articles, podcasts and resources


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How can you uncover your in-built resilience and wellbeing? What’s the best way to share a message of wellbeing with others? The Inner Compass can guide you.

Our articles, podcasts and resources will help people like you find the language to share the Inner Compass (also known as the Inside-Out understanding) with others.

Do you want to find out more about Inner Compass? Or have questions about the Inside-Out (Three Principles) understanding? Get in touch.

Discover how the Inner Compass can guide you

How can you uncover your in-built resilience and wellbeing? What’s the best way to share a message of wellbeing with others? The Inner Compass can guide you.


Explore our articles, podcasts and resources

Our articles, podcasts and resources will help people like you find the language to share the Inner Compass (also known as the Inside-Out understanding) with others.


Get in touch with us to start a conversation

Do you want to find out more about Inner Compass? Or have questions about the Inside-Out (Three Principles) understanding? Get in touch.

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