Wellbeing Listeners

Many of us struggle with the symptoms of overwhelm, internal agitation and mental exhaustion.

People find themselves in mental distress because their minds are in over-drive. The impact of over-thinking on work-colleagues, family members and individuals can be devastating.

Our Social Enterprise specialises in building communities founded on wellbeing; we see that humans are hard-wired to co-exist in thriving communities.

Listening for wellbeing in ourselves, and each other, is at the heart of our work.

The Inner Compass Guide CIC was founded by husband-and-wife team Liz Scott and Stuart Newberry. They are actively engaged in helping Ivybridge to gain a reputation as a thriving ‘’Wellbeing Town.’

A thriving community is one where people understand that creativity, love and resourcefulness are a by-product of understanding their ‘Inner Compass’.

Wellbeing Listening is a simple, effective route to becoming a Wellbeing Community.

Ivybridge: A Thriving Wellbeing Community

Wellbeing Listening is a cost-effective, simple way of working in communities. Here is how it is working in Ivybridge.

The Inner Compass Guide CIC is working in Ivybridge (and surrounding parishes) connecting people back to their natural ‘core’ of resilience. All our programmes are centred around ‘Wellbeing Listening’.

We work with the existing community groups, businesses and charities to strengthen the extraordinary work that is currently being carried out. Rather than use tools, techniques or strategies, we see that listening is the agent for transformative change.

Our Wellbeing Listeners are all inspired by supporting others. They find that as Wellbeing Listeners they are discovering new ways of being of service to the community they love.

Meet some of these wonderful Wellbeing Listeners in Ivybridge.

Jessica Shipp is the Community Connector from South Hams Community and Voluntary Services (CVS). 

Jessica connects people with local activities, services and opportunities to reduce social isolation She is a bridge between residents and community groups.

Jessica and Liz Scott have founded the popular ‘Community Hub’ in the town. This is a collaborative project created from Wellbeing Listening. Jessica says of the Wellbeing Listener Foundation: “There has been an enormous and positive impact in terms of my work and also my personal relationships. I have learnt to listen for listening sake, rather than listening to answer.”

Shirley Weeks is the founder of ‘So Social’ and ‘Ivybridge Bloomers’.

Shirley is a total inspiration to the town. She’s always looking for ways to engage people who feel isolated and is one of Ivybridge’s super-connectors. She was voted Ivybridge ‘Citizen of the Year’ in recognition for her consistent, supportive community work.

Shirley’s takeaway message as a Wellbeing Listener is: “We’re stronger than we think we are.”

Amanda Perry is the Lead Social Prescriber.

Amanda is in high demand supporting people at the Doctor’s Surgery. She understands the need for supporting mental wellbeing at a community level.

Amanda loved being reminded of listening to herself: “Learning that in truly listening to myself I see that I have resilience and that others do too, and I can support them to understand this.”

Ruth Hammond is from the Salvation Army: The Salvation Army is an integral part of Ivybridge.

The Community Café is a safe space for people to feel connection and support. Ruth is a Wellbeing Listener.

She says the training was a great reminder to listen rather than try to fix others and she says it is important to realise that: “Within us we have resilience.”


All of these Wellbeing Listeners realise that listening is powerful and there is no need to force change.

When people start to trust a deeper intelligence and align themselves with how life works then change naturally happens. We all have an Inner Compass, and it points us back to our True Nature.

We share a simple coaching approach that has a central focus on wellbeing 

There are two stages to the Inner Compass journey.

We see that listening is a powerful catalyst for transformation and change.

Would you like to learn about Wellbeing Listening? There are plenty of ways to engage with Inner Compass Guide CIC.

The first stage is about discovering your own Inner Compass. This isn’t an intellectual understanding or concept. We want you to see how your psychological system works. When you discover your Inner Compass, this leads to experiencing a freedom from stress, anxiety and worry. Life seems to unfold with ease.

Join one of our Wellbeing Listener Programmes or join us on a retreat.

The second stage is sharing the Inner Compass message. Once you see your own Inner Compass, the natural question is ‘How do I share this with others?’

We provide the chance to work closely with mentors, to shadow training sessions and to co-facilitate with experienced trainers to develop your skills and ability to share the message of the Inner Compass (Inside-Out understanding) in communities, businesses, schools and workplaces.

The ultimate aim is to create thriving communities that are founded on wellbeing.

To recap – here are the two areas we work in.

1. Get back in touch with your own Inner Compass – this is your personal journey

2. Help others connect with their Inner Compass – this is sharing in the wider community


Wellbeing Listener Stories

Get in touch with your own Inner Compass

If you’re immersed in stress and anxiety and finding it hard to keep up with the never-ending demands of life – then you’re probably experiencing symptoms of mental exhaustion.

These symptoms include excessive worrying, overwhelm and thinking constantly about work/partners/family. You might find yourself forgetful, snappy and unable to sleep properly.

This first step ‘Trust your own Inner Compass’ will help you reconnect to your own deeper intelligence and natural navigation aid.

When you start to trust your Inner Compass again, you’ll notice how you can navigate life with more simplicity and ease. You’ll make good choices and you’ll find yourself naturally connected to family, friends and your life purpose.

We’ve designed articles, podcasts and courses to help you on this journey. The Wellbeing Listener programme is one of our most popular programmes. Dozens of people join us via Zoom to engage in the training.

Connecting others

What’s the best way to share the Inner Compass in your community? If you are a coach, parent, manager, business-owner, charity-worker you’ll naturally want to support others.

We find that many people have already started this journey and have come across the Inside-Out/Three Principles understanding. They have re-connected with their Inner Compass and now they’re at a stage to find their own voice.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a bit of a tangle as you share the Inside-Out understanding, then join us as we explore, with you ways to connect authentically with others. We’ve designed simple, clear courses that point you back to sharing with others.

How did the Inner Compass evolve?

We’ve been sharing the Inside-Out understanding for many years. We’ve worked in schools, with leaders, with young people, community organisations, businesses and fellow coaches. Between us, we’ve been inspired by (and trained with) Jamie Smart, Garret Kramer, Rupert Spira and Michael Neill. We’ve also been to the Three Principles School on Salt Spring Island and hosted and spoken at conferences as well as running events with Elsie Spittle and sharing a stage with Garret Kramer.

We’ve encouraged our clients to explore a spiritual understanding, without putting them off with ‘woo woo’ or spiritual language.

If you would like to learn what we’ve learned and to see how we share, then the Inner Compass is the place for you to learn more.

What is our vision?

Our vision is for a world where people listen to each other and where parents and teachers to communicate with children from a solid grounding of love and understanding.

We see that charities, schools, businesses and families thrive when they understand the nature of connection and oneness and when they live in a world that is understood from the Inside-Out.

If you want to be part of the most important shift in human psychology, then join us at the Inner Compass Guide CIC. We want your voice to speak out in the world.

“Stuart and Liz have been truly inspirational in delivering a style of coaching that has transformed the way our MAT operates. We are much more self-reflective now and know how to help each other in a deeper and more meaningful way. It has transformed our MAT enabling us to adapt this style of coaching throughout all our schools”

Brett Dye – Headteacher


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Our articles, podcasts and resources will help people like you find the language to share the Inner Compass (also known as the Inside-Out understanding) with others.

Discover the simplicity of powerful listening. Our Wellbeing Listener programmes are affordable and accessible.

Do you want to find out more about Inner Compass? Or have questions about the Inside-Out (Three Principles) understanding? Get in touch.


Explore our articles, podcasts and resources

Our articles, podcasts and resources will help people like you find the language to share the Inner Compass (also known as the Inside-Out understanding) with others.

Become a Wellbeing Listener

Discover the simplicity of powerful listening. Our Wellbeing Listener programmes are affordable and accessible.


Get in touch with us to start a conversation

Do you want to find out more about Inner Compass? Or have questions about the Inside-Out (Three Principles) understanding? Get in touch.

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